Version 2.0 vs. version 1.0.2

  • the profile of the person of interest under Hp can be replaced with an unknown relative under Hd, see tutorial for further details
  • the sensitivity analysis module generates a log file in the case folder
  • the names of the log files contain information about the propositions being tested, the names are therefore longer but more meaningful
  • the non-contributor test generates a more detailed log file in the case folder
  • the rare allele frequency can be set by the user and is no longer hard-coded in the software
  • changing the allele frequency file without restarting the software is now possible
  • when the program is started for the first time, a warning about population statistics is no longer shown
  • crime-profiles can now also be¬†added manually
  • the software is now able to detect any STR markers, this is no longer hard-coded in the software
  • the drop-out probability can now only be varied from 0 to 0.99
  • new loci names and their order are automatically based on the crime-profile
  • the number of decimals in the software has been reduced to improve readability
  • under Hd, by default all donors are now unselected
  • the settings on the analysis tab are no longer reset if the user adds or removes replicates or profiles
  • the name of the analysed traces is now included in each page header of the generated report
  • if a locus shows the same alleles twice or more in the crime-sample, only the unique alleles are displayed, and used in the computations
  • it is now possible to upload the same sample file twice