LRmix Studio can be run on all platforms, and requires Java version 7 or higher. Java can be downloaded for free from
Once you download the software from the link below, you have to unzip the folder. You will see a LRmixStudio.jar file in the unzipped folder. Simply double-click to launch LRmix Studio.
An exemplar case is provided in Example, along with  the published allele frequencies for the Dutch population (Westen et al, FSIG 2014). Please visit the Tutorial page for information about how to run the software. The software sources are also provided below, they are distributed under an open-source licence (GPL3).


Version Software Sources Remarks
2.1.3 lrmixstudio-2.1.3-CommunityEdition-sources please see sources for change logs
2.0.1 LRmixStudio-2.0.1-CommunityEdition LRmixStudio-2.0.1-CommunityEdition-sources changes log
2.0 LRmixStudio-2.0.0-CommunityEdition LRmixStudio-2.0.0-CommunityEdition-sources Includes new module for unknown relatives, check the changes log
1.0.2 LRmixStudio-1.0.2-CommunityEdition LRmixStudio-1.0.2-sources  First public release